SB 9 Housing Laws



We have had lots of interest and questions on the new State housing laws and have recently adopted SB 9 for implementation at our local level.  SB 9 (California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (“HOME”) Act) only applies in areas zoned for single-family residential development and generally allows for: 1) the conversion of a single-family residence into a 2-unit home, the construction of another attached or detached residence, or a duplex unit, and 2) the subdivision (i.e., Urban Lot Split) of an existing lot as long as the newly created parcels are both at least 40% of the size of the existing lot.  In an effort to help familiarize you with SB 9 we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions, and the submittal applications for both: 1) SB9 2-Unit Conversions, and 2) SB 9 Urban Lot Splits. 

Links to our local version of SB 9 can be found here: American Legal Publishing 

Please contact Community Development at (530) 879-6800 or email, If you would like additional assistance.


SB 9 Applications:

Application forms are also available at the 2nd floor public counter in the Municipal Center at 411 Main Street. Click the links below to access the electronic applications. Please note that a real time application must be submitted with the Urban Lot application in order for staff to accept the submittal. The real time deposit for an Urban Lot Split is $4,278.00

Two Unit Application- Flat Fee $914.00

Urban Lot Split Application- Fee $4,278.00

Real Time Application


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