Resisting Arrest

Case# 21-002092


On Monday, March 29th, 2021, Officers from Chico Police Department responded to Comanche Creek, 11301 Midway on a report of several vehicles parked with expired registration.  Vehicles in California are subject to immediate tow if the registration is expired more than 6 months per 4000(a) and 22651(o) CVC.  When Officers arrived on scene, they discovered several vehicles that were towable.  Rather than towing the vehicles, Chico Police advised the owners of the vehicles they had 1-week to bring their vehicle into compliance to avoid being towed.  This notice is in the form of a sticker placed on the vehicle window. (See copy below)   


On April 6th, 2021 at about 8:30 a.m., a Chico Police motorcycle Officer responded to Comanche Creek, 11301 Midway.  The Officer was checking on expired registration of vehicles previously marked.  While there, the Officer observed a vehicle that was expired over 6 months and notified last week with the sticker.  The Officer called for a tow truck.  A male and a female (Andrew Forbescorkill and Michelle Goodwin) approached the Officer and began to argue with him about the vehicle being towed.  The Officer explained the 7-day grace period given to them last week had expired and the vehicle was going to be towed. 


Goodwin jumped into the vehicle, started it and drove forward aggressively.  Goodwin drove about 10 feet before the vehicle struck a large rock/boulder and high-centered.  The Officer pulled Goodwin from the vehicle and she resisted.  While Goodwin resisted the Officer, Forbescorkill took a hold of her other arm and attempted to pull her free from the Officer.  This struggled continued while the Officer continued to give commands to comply.  At one point, Goodwin broke free from Forbescorkill’s grasp and punched the Officer in the head which struck his helmet.  The Officer took Goodwin to the ground just as responding Officers arrived and helped contain the scene.  Both Goodwin and Forbescorkill were arrested and taken to Butte County Jail and their vehicle was towed from the scene. 


Goodwin was arrested for striking an Officer, resisting arrest, reckless driving, driving while unlicensed, along with her PRCS no bail warrant.  Forbescorkill was arrested for trying to take someone from police custody and possession of illegal narcotics.  Photos of the pair are shown below along with their vehicle.

Location: 11301 Midway

Suspects:  Michelle Goodwin          (33-yr old Chico resident)

       Andrew Forbescorkill     (33-yr old Chico resident)


Supervisor: Sgt. Lefkowitz

Commander: Sgt. Love

Female booking photo

Male booking photo




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