Resisting Arrest

Case# 21-000928

Booking photo of male in orange shirt

On 2/13/2021,at 2:36 p.m., The Chico Police Dispatch Center received a call from Enloe Hospital stating they had a patient creating a disturbance and being threatening and combative with staff. The subject, identified as 28 year-old Trevell Jones, left the hospital against medical advice but became threatening to security staff prior to walking out. Officers arrived but were unable to locate Jones. About 5 minutes later, Chico Police Dispatch received a call from a driver who stated a man, matching Jones’ description, jumped in front of her car screaming at her and trying to stop other vehicles near the intersection of Citrus Avenue and W. 3rd Avenue. A Chico Police Motor Officer arrived and located Jones laying in the middle of the roadway of Citrus Avenue. Jones was uncooperative with the officer and walked away as the officer followed, telling Jones he wanted to help him. The Officer also gave Jones commands to stop. Jones ran down the driveway and toward the back door of a residence at the 1200 block of Citrus Avenue just as additional officers arrived. Jones then began to flail his arms aggressively at the officers while still refusing to comply with instructions to stop.
Based on the behavior exhibited by Jones, the officers determined he was a significant risk to the safety of the nearby public, the officers and Jones himself. They grabbed him by the arms and took him to the ground without injuring him. They then detained him in handcuffs. Jones continued to be resistant and threatening to the officers and was placed in a full body restraint. The full body restraint is a device designed to safely restrain a combative person in a manner and seated position that prevents them from harming themselves while allowing them to easily breathe. Jones was transported to Enloe Medical Center for a medical clearance, based on the officers’ concern he was under the influence of drugs. He was later booked at the Butte County Jail for the charge of 69 PC; Resisting Arrest by force, threat or violence. Neither Jones, nor the Officers or members of the public were injured during this incident.

Location: Enloe Hospital and the 1200 block of Citrus Avenue, Chico
Date/Time: 02/13/2021 1436 hours
Victim: State of California
Suspect: Trevell Jones, 28 year-old Oroville resident
Supervisor: D. Gregory S8
Watch Commander: T. Tupper L7

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