Request Vacation Watch


The purpose of the Vacation/House Watch Program is to allow the Chico Police Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) to make period checks on residences when the resident is absent.   This program is intended to provide a monitoring service for the community and although not a guarantee, it is designed to help prevent crime with our presence. 

Cartoon of Police officer overlooking houes

A Vacation Watch consists of physical checks of a residence on day patrols (checking the backyard for instance) and visual checks on weekend night patrols while the owner/resident is on vacation. 

To get started, either:

  1. Call the VIPS at 897-5861 and leave your name, phone number, the date you plan to leave and a good time to call you back. OR
  2. Complete the form below, which, once submitted, will be e-mailed to the VIPS

Please provide enough lead time (usually 2-3 days) to ensure we can contact you and complete the rest of the Intake Process.  

We must make verbal contact before the Watch can commence – leaving a message or submitting the form is not enough information for us to start.

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