Purchase Agreements 2021


December 2021

Action Sports Designs (Silver Dollar BMX Racetrack Update)
BPR Consulting Group (Building Official Services)
Sun Ridge Systems, Inc (RIMS Software)
Dewberry (Active Transportation Projects Development - Amendment 2)
Larry Walker & Associates (WPCP Local Limits Study)
Mark Thomas & Co (Pomona Ave Bridge Rehab - Amendment 3)
Wood Rodgers, Inc (Storm Water Master Plan - Amendment 1)
Dude Solutions (Facility Maintenance Operations Software)

November 2021

NBS (Sewer Rate Study - Amendment 1)
Geocon Consultants (Geotechnical Services for CMA - Amendment 2)
Interwest Consulting Group Inc (On Call Map & Plan Review Services)
Franklin Construction (Homeless Services Site Work)
Downtown Chico Business Association (Holiday Ice Rink Staffing Services)

October 2021

CDBG-CV (Point of Contact - Coronavirus Outreach)
Pallet SPC (Intergovernmental Project)
NV5 (Pyrethroid Monitoring Plan - Amendment 1)
Deer Creek Resources (Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Amendment 1)
Carollo Engineers (Groundwater Monitoring @ WPCP)
Chamber of Commerce (COVID-19 Business Assistance Program)
Downtown Chico Business Association (COVID-19 Business Assistance Program)
Dewberry (Active Transportation Projects Development - Amendment 1)
Aviatrix Communications, LLC (CMA Air Service Marketing)
Volaire Aviation Consulting, Inc. (CMA Air Service Development)

September 2021

Michael Baker International (Towne Plaza Suites Hotel Environmental Review Svcs)
Dewberry (Active Transportation Projects Development)
Pelagic Engineering (Citywide Systemic Safety Improvements)
Deer Creek Resources (Community Wildfire Protection Plan)
PSOMAS (On-Call Project Management Assistance)
HdL (Cannabis Management Services - Amendment 1)
Knife River Constrution (BMX Track Relocation Project)

August 2021

Dokken Engineering (On-Call Structural Engineering Services)
Hope Street Coalition (Strategic Plan on Homelessness)
NV5 (On-Call Geotechnical Engineering & Testing Services)
REM Construction (Caper Acres Nico Shade & Resurfacing)
Franklin Construction (IIG Road Connection Project)
Seaside Ice LLC dba Ice America (Holiday Ice Skating Rink)
R&R Horn (Airport Bike Path Bridge)
Morrison & Company Consulting, Inc (Grant Seeking & Writing Services)

July 2021

True North Housing Alliance (Torres Shelter Expansion)
Local Govt Commission (CivicSpark Americorps Program)
Dixon Resources Unlimited (Parking Consultant Services - Amendment 1)
FBD Vanguard Construction (Cohasset Road Widening Phase 3)
Gateway Pacific Controllers Inc (WPCP Pipe Repair & Install)
Synagro WWT, Inc (Biosolids Removal for WPCP - Amendment 3)
Housing Tools (Housing Administrative Support FY2021-23)
Rolls, Anderson & Rolls (Bruce Rd Reconstruction - Skyway to 20th St - Amendment 3)
Butte County Housing Aurthority (Rental Assistance Program)
CDBG (Chico Housing Action Team - CHAT)
Catholic Ladies Relief Society (Affordable Housing Funds)
CDBG Public Services (Jesus Center)
CDBG Housing (Small Business Development Center)
Housing Tools (Housing Element Update - Amendment 1)

June 2021

Knife River Construction (SR 99/Eaton Road Interchange)
Carollo Engineers, Inc. (Strategic Planning & Sewer Rate Review - Amendment 1)
NBS (Sewer Rate Study)
Butte Enviromental Council (Urban Forest Revitalization Support)
CDBG-CV Public Services (Chico Housing Action Team CHAT)
Housing Tools (CDBG-DR Multi-Family Housing Program Admin Support)
Peterson Power Systems (Diesel Generator Set for Police)

May 2021

Hunters Services, Inc. (Weed Abatement Services)
St. Francis Electric, LLC (Traffic Signal & Crossing - Notre Dame & Humboldt)
NV5 (Big Chico Creek Receiving Water Monitoring Program)
Knife River Construction (Road Rehabilitation - Park Ave)
NV5 (Environmental Monitoring - Humboldt Rd Burn Dump)
Dewberry|Drake Haglan (Bicycle Path Foundation Design - LCC to 20th St - Amendment 1)
Dudek (Urban Forest Master Plan)

April 2021

Dewberry|Drake Haglan (Bike Path Foundation Design - Little Chico Creek)
Wood Rogers, Inc (Storm Water Master Plan)
GHD, Inc (On-Call Professional Civil Engineering Services - Amendment 2)

March 2021

Mark Thomas (SR32 Widening - SR99 to Yosemite - Amendment 4)
WGR Southwest, Inc (Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services)
Johnson Controls, Inc (Pump Replacement - City Hall)
Peraton, Inc (CAD-to-CAD Interface to Butte EMS)
Dokken Engineering (SR99 Corridor Bikeway Facility - Amendment 1)
PSOMAS (On-Call Construction Management & Inspection Services - Amendment 3)
Shaw Industries, Inc (Flooring Replacement - City Hall)

February 2021

Tri-County Building Maintenance (Custodial Services - Amendment 2)
Armed Guard Private Security (Armed Private Patrol & Security Services - Amendment 1)
Mark Thomas & Co (Cohasset Rd Widening Phase 3 - Amendment 2)

January 2021

Synagro WWT Inc (Biosolids Removal for WPCP - Amendment 2)
Chico State Enterprises (Ecological and Project Management Services)
Clean Cabling (Traffic Safety - Esplanade Communications - Amendment 1)
Farwest Insulation Contracting (Sodium Bisulfite Heat System Replacement)
R&R Horn (On-Call Concrete Services)
GHD (Map Review Services 2021)

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