Purchase Agreements 2018


December 2018

Dokken Engineering (SR99 Bikeway Facility Phase 5)
Cintas Corporation No. 2 (Uniform, Linen and Laundry Service)
NV5 (Big Chico Creek Receiving Water Monitoring Program)

November 2018

CSU, Chico Research Foundation (GIS Services)
Motorola Solutions, Inc (Police Hand Held Radios)
Harris & Associates, Inc (Pavement Management System Update)
DeAngelo Brothers, LLC dba DBI Services (Weed Control Services - Amendment 2)

October 2018

C&S Engineers, Inc (Reconstruct Taxiway A and Cross Taxiways)
Synagro WWT, inc (Biosolids Removal for the Water Pollution Control Plant)

September 2018

Todd Gayman dba Root Tamers Inc (Chemical Root Control of Sanitary Sewer Lines)
Butte County Sheriff's Office (Alternative Custody Supervision Program)
Air Exchange Inc (Installation of Source Capture Diesel Exhaust Removal Systems)

August 2018

Rolls, Anderson & Rolls (Commanche Creek Greenway Improvement Project Phase 2)
Bae Urban Economics, Inc (Land Absorption Study - Amendment 1)

July 2018

Benefit Trust Company - Pension Stabilization Trust Participation Agreement
Darren Taylor Construction, Inc (Esplanade Emergency Vehicle Preemptive System Project)
Dixon Resources Unlimited (Downtown Parking Management Plan & Implementation)
Billson Construction Co., Inc (Roundabout Landscape Improvements)
Motorola Solutions, Inc (Purchase and Installation of Radio Consoles)
North Valley Housing Trust (Affordable Housing Funds - Amendment 3)
Butte Housing Authority (Continuum of Care - Amendment 1)
CDBG (Esplanade House)

June 2018

Eagle Security Systems (Security Cameras - PD)

May 2018

Carollo Engineers, Inc (Strategic Planning and Sewer Rate Review Support)
CSU, Chico Research Foundation (South Campus Neighborhood Improvement Plan - Phase 3)

April 2018

Franklin Construction, Inc (East 10th Street Storm Drainage Project)
GHD, Inc (Engineering Design Services - SR99/Eaton Road Interchange)
West Yost Associates (Stormwater Resource Plan - Amendment 1)
Baldwin Contracting Company dba Knife River Construction (Street Improvements & Maintenance)
Altec Systems, Inc dba Softfile (Document and Data Conversion Services)

March 2018

Omni-Means, LTD (Nexus Study - Amendment 5)
MT Hall & Associates (Nitrate Area 3S-Phase 6 Material Testing Services)
Carollo Engineers, Inc (Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Tech Support - Amendment 1)
Dawson & Son,Inc dba Dawson Landscaping (Landscape Maintenance Services)
Work Training Center, Inc dba Prestige Landscaping (Landscape Maintenance Services)
Larry Walker Associates, Inc (Trash Master Plan)

January 2018

Mark Thomas & Co. (SR32 Widening - Amendment 3)
Bergfalk Land Group, LLC (Valley's Edge Project Management Services)
MT Hall & Associates (Material Testing Services - Attachment #5)

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