Purchase Agreements 2016


December 2016

Sub Terra Consulting (Archeology Survey Services)
Sub Terra Consulting (Santos Fire Trails Archeology Survey)
Pacific Watershed Associates, Inc. (Bidwell Park Road Sediment Assessment)
Omni-Means LTD (Eaton Road/SR99 Intersection Control Evaluation)

November 2016

Carson Landscaping (Landscape Maintenance Service Agreement - Amendment 5)
Butte County Sheriff Department (Restroom Cleaning)
Dokken Engineering (SR99 Corridor Bikeway Phase 5)
North Star Engineering (Bruce Road Reconstruction)
Chico New Home Builders, Inc.(Lassen Subdivision)
CSU, Chico Research Foundation (GIS Services)
CSU, Chico Research Foundation (GIS Street Tree Inventory)
Grid Alternatives (CDBG Funds for Solar Install)
Dept. of General Services Office of Admin Hearings (Admin. Law Judges)
Habitat for Humanity (East 20th Street Loan Agreement)

October 2016

Habitat for Humanity of Butte County (HUD Loan Agreement)
SCA Development Corporation (Wildwood Estates - Phase 5)
Habitat for Humanity of Butte County (856 and 874 E 20th St)
Butte-Glenn Community College (Right of Entry)
Rolls, Anderson & Rolls (SR32 Widening Phase 2)
Geocon Consultants, Inc (Groundwater Monitoring)
Deangelo Brothers LLC (Weed Control)
M&S Wesley Tree Service (Tree Maintenance Services)
M&S Wesley Tree Service (Walnut Tree Removal)

September 2016

First Carbon Solutions, Inc. (Walmart Expansion Environmental Report)
U.S. Dept of Housing (HOME Investment Partnership)
Bennett Engineering Services, Inc. (SR999 Corridor Bikeway Phase 4)
Reinard W. Brandley, Consulting Airport Engineer (AIP No. 37)
Butte-Glenn Community College (CDBG Funds)
Michael Baker International, Inc. (Planning Support Services)
Greg Melton DBA Melton Design Group (Caper Acres Phase I)
Chrisp Company (Thermoplastic Striping)
CSU, Chico Research Foundation (GIS Street Tree Inventory)
TASER International (Body Cameras)

August 2016

CalTrans Cooperative Agreement (SHOPP Funds, Eaton Road & 99)
Motorola Solutions (Portable Radio Purchase)

July 2016

CalTrans Program Supplement No. F019 (SR99 to Skyway)
CalTrans Supplement No. F020 (Nord Ave. to West Sacramento)
North Valley Housing Trust Amendment (Affordable Housing Funds)
Michael Baker International (Planning Support Services)
Toby Stornetta (Purchase of Real Property)
Visinoni Bros. (Nitrate Area 3S Phase 6 - Cedar-Warner)
Visinoni Bros. (Nitrate Area 3S Phase 6 - Glenwood-Oaklawn)

June 2016

PG&E (LED Streetlight Retrofit)
Rolls, Anderson & Rolls (N. Esplanade Reconstruct)
CalTrans (Emergency Vehicle Preemptive System)
CalTrans (Walnut Ave Road Diet)
CalTrans (Nord Ave Road Diet/Bike Lanes)
CalTrans (Pedestrian Crossings)
Pacific Mobile Structures (Animal Shelter Modular)
CDBG (Sewer Connection Grant)

May 2016

WRA, Inc.(Stonegate Subdivision EIR)

April 2016

Ed Gleason dba Feather River Construction (Weed Abatement Services)
Reinard W. Brandley (Airport Improvement Program 37)

March 2016

Whitney Environmental Consulting, Inc. (Outfall Replacement)
Justin A Bergson (Low Mod Income Housing Loan)
Franklin Construction (Comanche Creek)
Telstar Instruments, Inc. (SCADA and Instrumentation Support)
R&R Horn, Inc. (Lindo Channel)
Baldwin Contracting Company (SR 32 Widening)

February 2016

Disability Action Center (Block Grant)
Traffic Works, LLC (SR 99/Eaton Road)

January 2016

EMKO Environmental Inc. (Groundwater Monitoring)
Gateway Pacific Contractors (Pump Station)
M.T. Hall & Associates (Comanche Creek Greenway)
Chico Creek Nature Center (Exhibit Loan)
State of CA DOT (Bikeway Project)
CALTRANS (Ramp Widening)
Wohlford Consulting (Dev. Svs. Cost of Svs. Study)
California State University Chico (Cooperative Policing)
Gateway Pacific Contractors (Escrow Agreement) (1/26/16)
State of CA DOT (Hwy. 99 Right of Way) (1-29-16)

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