Permit Information


Permits Required: 

All Commercial Cannabis uses require 1) a Commercial Cannabis business permit issued by the City of Chico, and 2) a cannabis permit issued by the State of California.  All uses also require a zoning clearance from the City of Chico’s Planning Division. Do not open a Commercial Cannabis business in Chico until you have obtained these permits and clearances.   

Uses requiring a State cannabis permit: 

All commercial cannabis businesses. State permits are required for all Commercial Cannabis uses statewide.  Compliance with local laws is required in order to obtain a State permit.

Uses requiring a Chico Commercial Cannabis permit:

All commercial cannabis businesses.  Compliance with the Chico Municipal Code and Zoning Ordinance is required for all Commercial Cannabis uses.

Uses requiring a Conditional Use Permit:


Uses allowed without a Conditional Use Permit:

Testing Laboratory, Distributor, Manufacturer, and Retailer-Delivery are “allowed by right”, meaning no Conditional Use Permit is required.  However, a zoning clearance is required as part of the City’s Commercial Cannabis business permit process. 

Application procedure for uses requiring a Conditional Use Permit:

This is established pursuant to Title 5.42 and 5R.42.  There will be an initial application, and follow-up processes for verification of operational requirements. The Retailer-Storefront use may only operate after being issued a Conditional Use Permit by the City.  

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