Passed Out in McDonald’s Drive-thru Leads to Man’s Arrest

Case#: 20-002228


Chico, CA – On 4/20/20 Officers were called to the McDonald’s restaurant located at Mangrove and Palmetto Avenues, Chico Ca after employees were unable to wake up an unresponsive driver who had stopped in the middle of the “drive thru” lane.
Officers arrived and located Anthony SQUITIERI (28) asleep, inside the vehicle, with the engine running. In plain view, Officers saw a hypodermic needle sticking out from his sweater pocket. Officers believed he was under the influence of an opioid and conducted a DUI investigation; ultimately Officers arrested SQUITIERI for driving under the influence of drugs.

During a search of his vehicle, Officers located almost 10 grams of methamphetamine, over 11 grams of heroin and 30 Xanax pills.
SQUITIERI was also wanted for a domestic violence incident that occurred on 3/31/2020. He was arrested on these charges also.
This is his third offense in just under a month. SQUITIERI is the same subject who was arrested for DUI on 3/27/20 after he ran a red light and struck a Chico Police patrol unit at the intersection of Main and E. 8th Streets.
Once again, he was transported to Butte County jail on DUI, drug possession and felony Domestic Violence charges.

Location: McDonald’s 655 Palmetto Ave. Chico, CA Victim: State of CA
Suspect: Anthnoy SQUITIERI (28)
Supervisor: Sgt. Dane Gregory
Watch Commander: Sgt. Omar Peña

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