Parklet installations begin!

The City of Chico continues looking for ways for local businesses to adjust to State closures.


The City of Chico is continuing our work helping local businesses adjust and adapt to the state’s closure of indoor dining. New safety barriers were yesterday for the creation of “parklets” - expanding outdoor dining areas for our downtown restaurants.

We’d like to thank both Knife River construction for donating and installing the k-rail barriers, and to Slater & Sons for donating water barriers to help keep diners safe. We’d also like to thank the Downtown Chico Business Association and their partnership with the City to help implement the parklet concept.

In addition to these parklets, the City has temporarily allowed restaurants to use their private parking lots and sidewalks, as well as the public right of way for dining, and has also allowed those non-food establishments affected by closures to move commerce outside as well. Though these adaptions require an application or permit, there are no fees associated with the process.

Visitors to downtown may use the public parking lots, available on-street parking spaces, or our parking garage.

To learn more about parklets and additional options for our local businesses, including how your business can apply, please see the City’s informational webpage.

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