P-18 Sewer Trunkline

Currently in Environmental Review and Design Phase

stacked green sewer piping

Project Description

Project 18 (P-18) is a build out driven project identified in the 2013 City of Chico Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update (SSMPU).  The SSMPU updated the previous 2003 iteration. The purpose of the SSMPU was to identify capacity deficiencies in the sanitary sewer system, develop feasible alternatives to correct those deficiencies, and plan the infrastructure that will serve future development projected by the Chico 2030 General Plan. 

P-18 includes P-17B (also identified in the SSMPU) and P-17A was constructed in 2019.  P-18 includes the installation of a sewer trunkline mainly in the unincorporated area outside the southern extent of City limits. The project will serve the majority of the Doe Mill/Honey Run Special Planning Area, South Entler Special Planning Area, and commercial and industrial uses in the area. 

 Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update (2013)

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