Multiple Drug Overdose

Case# 22-000277


On 01/14/22 the Chico Police Department was called to a residence on Roberto Ct., Chico Ca after a resident found two house mates lying on the ground, believing they had overdosed on drugs.  Police and Fire personnel arrived on scene, entered the residence, and found two men unconscious.   Multiple doses of Narcan were administered on scene by fire and medical personnel.  As Officers, Fire and EMS personnel were on scene, an unknown substance was discovered throughout the floor.  Based on statements made, and the symptoms observed, it was believed that the unknown substance on the floor contained fentanyl. 

The Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force was called and responded to the scene. Using a TruNarc narcotic analyzer they safely tested and confirmed the substance contained fentanyl.  A total of 2.7 gross grams of the substance were seized.  

The two men were transported to a local hospital.   Another male, associated with the residence, was arrested on drug charges.

This is an ongoing investigation, and at the time of this release, the condition of the two men transported to the hospital is unknown, but both are expected to live. 

We remind the public that fentanyl is a very dangerous narcotic that is deadly even in miniscule doses.  It is increasingly common in Butte County and is being found not only mixed into illicit drugs but also in counterfeit pills.

Location: Roberto Ct. Chico Ca

Victim:  Withheld

Suspect:  Withheld

Supervisor:  Sgt. Dave Bailey

Commander: Lt. Omar Peña

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