Man Armed With a Golf Club Taken Into Custody

Case# 20-007006


On 12/23/20, at 11:59 AM Chico Police Dispatch received multiple calls of man swinging a golf club at passing vehicles near the intersection of Forest Ave. and E. 20th St. Officers responded to the scene to investigate the possible vandalism or brandishing of a weapon. Upon arrival, a single police officer started a dialogue with the subject. The subject was agitated and yelling incoherently. The subject was standing near his belongings which included a golf club. The subject was asked to sit on a nearby curb away from the weapon he was alleged to have been brandishing. The subject did not comply with commands, grabbed the golf and pointed it at the officer. The officer gave the subject orders to drop the golf club. The subject threw the golf club down and tried to run away. The officer tackled the suspect on a grassy area and maintained control of him until fellow officers arrived to assist. The subject was then placed safely into handcuffs. Neither the Officer or the subject were injured. He was identified as 52 year old, Gabriel Boettcher. Boettcher was arrested for resisting / delaying an officer per 148(a)(1) PC. There were no victims of a vehicle vandalism located.

Location: Forest Ave / E. 20th St.
Date/Time: 12/23/2020 @ 11:59 AM
Supervisor: Sgt. Paul Ratto Lieutenant: Terry Tupper

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