Low Impact Development


In conjunction with the State’s Proposition 84 Grant Program, the City of Chico implemented LID practices in City parking lots, greenways, and residential/commercial areas.

The projects were designed to help prevent runoff from entering Big Chico Creek. Some of the LID projects are described below:

Site 1 and Site 4 – Parking Lot LID Retrofit and Riparian Restoration

Map of low impact development projects

City Municipal Parking Lot #5 was retrofitted to divert flow from the parking lot to landscape areas and onto pervious pavers as well as diverting flow from downspouts to pervious pavers. The other aspect of the project was to restore some of the riparian area of Lost Park which lies to the north of the parking lot. Bioswales, rain gardens, and native grasses and plants were installed in the riparian area to stabilize the bank and reduce erosion.

This project involved:

Site 1 - City Municipal Parking Lot No. 5

  • installing 4,800 square feet of previous surface including 360 square feet infiltration area
  • 2 rain gardens
  • 3 downspouts disconnects
  • 3 bioswales
  • 3 vegetated strips

Site 4 - Lost Park

  • installing 400 square feet of previous surface
  • rain garden
  • 600 square feet of riparian restoration

Before Construction – Parking Lot:

Picture of parking lot before construction

After Construction – Parking Lot:

Picture of parking lot after construction

Before Construction – Lost Park Riparian Area:

Lost park riparian area - before construction

After Construction – Lost Park Riparian Area:

Lost park riparian area - after construction

Funding for these projects were provided in full or in part through the Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Prop. 84), an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board.

More Information

For further information on any of the projects, email Linda Herman at

To learn about the other LID projects, click on the link below:

Site 2 and Site 3 – Neighborhood Rain Garden Program and Crister Bioswale

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