Lindo Channel Aerosol Art Poject


Sixteen murals were painted with different styles of aerosol art techniques by artists working individually or collaboratively. Project was developed in response to mitigate graffii issues on the underpass.

  • Artists: Gregg Payne, Rosalina Acevedo, Ben Bertucci, Daniel Beebe, Jordan Nickel, Matt Loomis, Justin Maxwell, Chase Moreau, Matt Comer, Michael Giannattasio
  • Year completed: 2005
  • Location: Highway 99 Underpass at Lindo Channel
  • Funding Source: General fund
  • Selection: City Manager selected lead artist Chase Moreau on recommendation by Art Projects Coordinator to manage project and subcontract art work.

Graffiti art 1

Graffiti art 2

Graffiti art 3

Graffiti art 4

Graffiti art 5

Graffiti art 6

Graffiti art 7

Graffiti art 8

Graffiti art 9

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