K-9 Odin Does It Again

Case#: 20-000902


On 02-07-2020 at approximately 9:56 pm, a Chico Police Officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection of Mangrove Ave and Manzanita Court. The officer made contact with the driver, who was the sole occupant. During the stop, the officer requested a K9 unit to assist with the traffic stop. The driver was identified as James Marshal, age 48, of Chico.  

CPD K9 Officer Parsons responded to the scene with his partner, K9 Odin. K9 Odin is a dual purpose canine that is used for patrol and narcotics detection. During a scent search on the outside of the vehicle, K9 Odin detected the presence of narcotic odor within the vehicle. Officers then searched the interior of the vehicle and located the following items; 82.6 grams of Methamphetamine, 44 Vicodin pills, a digital scale and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Marshal was placed under arrest for Possession of Narcotics, Possession of Narcotics for Sale and Transportation of Narcotics. He was ultimately transported to the Butte County Jail.

All of the K9’s working for the Chico Police Department are dual purpose teams. Their on-going training in narcotic detection provides a valuable tool for law enforcement officers. In the past month, K9 Officer Parsons and K9 Odin have assisted in taking approximately 3 ounces of narcotics off the streets of Chico.      

Chico, CA – 

Location:  Mangrove Ave and Manzanita Court  

Victim:  State of CA

Suspect:  James Marshal, Age 48, of Chico

Supervisor:  Sgt. Jeff Durkin

Commander: Cmdr. Mike Rodden  

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