Juvenile Arrested for Attempted Murder



On June 3rd, 2022, at approximately 6:30 AM, custodial staff at Chico High School located a severely injured, 71-year old female on the grounds of the athletic stadium at Chico High School. The Chico Police Department’s Patrol Unit, Violence Suppression Unit, and Crime Scene Investigators determined the following information:

The victim regularly utilized the campus track for exercise. Approximately an hour after the conclusion of the Chico High School Commencement Ceremony, the victim was exercising at the facility grounds. The victim was pursued and attacked from behind by a suspect with a large, bludgeoning weapon. The suspect fled the area and the incapacitated victim was left on the facility grounds until her discovery the following morning.

Investigators determined the identity of the suspect to be a 14-year old male. At approximately 2:30 PM, he was located and arrested for attempted murder.

Case Number: 22-003443

Location: Warner Street side of Chico High School Campus

Victim: Confidential

Suspect: Confidential due to age

Supervisor: Sergeant D. Gregory

Watch Commander: Lieutenant T. Tupper

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