HUD 2022 Annual Plan Community Workshop

Public Input Needed


City of Chico hosted a Community Workshop to solicit public input on the spending of grant funds.  This virtual workshop was held on Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 12 p.m via Zoom.  

The City receives an annual award of community development and housing funds from the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Each year the City must submit an annual “Action Plan” to HUD describing the City’s plans for using these funds in the upcoming year.

As part of this annual planning process, the City solicits public input. This workshop is part of this public planning process.

The goals of this workshop are:

  • To educate the general public about the nature of these funds;
  • To describe the past use of funds;
  • To describe the potential uses of these funds in 2022-2023;
  • To make the public aware of opportunities to participate in the planning process; and
  • To solicit public participation.

For more information please Click here for the Community Workshop informational flyer.

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