Home Depot Thieves Arrested


On 4/7/23, Chico Police Officers responded to Home Depot (2580 Notre Dame Blvd) regarding a report of a shoplift. Officers learned that three suspects had entered the store and selected numerous boxes of flooring, and a Husky Toolbox. When they attempted to exit the store they were contacted by an associate. The suspects abandoned the flooring, however, they pushed the toolbox outside and loaded it into a trailer.

Detectives began investigating the case when they discovered that the same subjects had stole approximately $1100 in items on 3/31/23. This case was reported through Chico Police’s Online Crime Reporting. The suspects in both cases were the same subjects. Home Depot Loss prevention had concerns that the subjects were associated with thefts in the Red Bluff and Sacramento Area. They recognized the vehicle and trailer used in the theft at prior theft investigations.

Detectives obtained the identity of all three thieves. They obtained warrants for the arrest of Diane Morgan (55 years old), Richard Morgan (42 years old) and Cameran Barnett (18 years old). Barnett was arrested on 7/5/23 in Shasta County. Barnett was booked into the jail, however, she bailed out prior to Detectives learning the location of the two other suspects.

On 7/26/23, Chico Police Detectives were alerted by the California Highway Patrol, Yreka Division that Diane and Richard Morgan were stopped as they drove southbound on Interstate 5 from Oregon into California. Detectives learned that Diane and Richard were pulling a U-Haul Trailer, similar to the one that was used in the thefts from Home Depot in Chico, CA. Detectives authored a search warrant to search the vehicle and U-Haul trailer. Chico Police Detectives responded to Yreka, CA and served a search warrant on the vehicle and trailer, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol. Detectives discovered approximately $8,381.61 in stolen Home Depot product in the trailer.

Chico Police Detectives transported Diane and Richard Morgan to Butte County Jail, where they were booked. Detectives believe that Diane and Richard committed multiple violations of 487 PC (Grand Theft) 182 PC (Conspiracy to commit a crime), and 496(a) PC (Possession of stolen property).

We would like to thank the California Highway Patrol for their assistance in safely taking these two thieves into custody. These suspects traveled throughout northern California, Oregon, and Nevada. Without the assistance of the CHP, we would not have obtained any speedy justice for the victims in this case.

Location: Home Depot (2580 Notre Dame Blvd, Chico CA)

Date/Time: 4/7/2023

Victim: Home Depot

Suspects: Richard Morgan (55 years), Diane Morgan (55 years), Cameran Barnett (18 years)

Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer

Watch Commander: Lt. Brian Miller

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