Halloween 2021 Enforcement Stats


The Chico Police Department prepared for the 2021 Halloween weekend by once again having an increased Police presence, particularly in the south campus and “Avenues” neighborhoods, popular as student housing. Historically, this weekend is filled with large crowds, large parties and out of town partygoers. In order to ensure uninterrupted service to the rest of the City, off-duty Chico Police officers were ordered to work during the Halloween Operational period that covered Thursday October 28th at 6pm through Monday November 1st at 1:00 am.
Chico Police Officers were assisted by the CSU Chico Police Department and by Agents from the Redding and Sacramento offices of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Together the following enforcement actions were taken, in the student populated areas:
• 32 Citations
• 78 Minor in Possession/Open Container arrests
• 11 Misdemeanor arrests
• 1 Felony arrest
Approximately 900 work hours were generated by the Officers, Agents, Dispatchers, CSOs and Volunteers who worked this event. There were no incidents of violence reported during the Operational Period.

A negligent discharge of a firearm, near 5th and Ivy St., was reported just after 02:10 am on November 1; about an hour after the Operational Period ended.

Overall, this Halloween period is in line with a current trend of much lower activity and arrests; a marked difference from years past.

Event Commander: Lt. Omar Peña

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