Halloween 2020


The Chico Police Department has historically planned for large crowds and activity on the west side of Chico for Halloween weekends. This year was especially hard to prepare for due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 restrictions. The Chico Police Department added additional personnel to patrol operations and the dispatch center for the weekend. The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control and the CSU Chico Police Department also assisted with us with personnel support. Overall, activity was much lower than any recent Halloween event in the City of Chico.
Our operational period was Friday, October 30th at 6 AM through Sunday, November 1st at 6 AM. During this time, Chico Police Officers made twenty-six arrests. Of those arrests, four were for driving while intoxicated, and seven were for public intoxication. Chico Police Officers issued seventeen citations for alcohol related infractions such as open containers of alcohol in a public area or minor in possession of alcohol.
Prepared by: Lt. Mike Rodden

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