Guynn Avenue Bridge over Lindo Channel-Bridge Replacement Project

Currently in Design Phase


The City of Chico has obtained funding to replace the structurally deficient and functionally obsolete Guynn Avenue Bridge over Lindo Channel.

The bridge has significantly reduced load carrying capacity and can no longer bear the weight as originally intended. There is paint loss/cracking and rust on multiple steel members, including the main trusses of the bridge. The northwest wingwall has cracked and is beginning to fail. The bridge width does not meet current safety standards for cars and first responder vehicles.

To address these concerns, the City is in the process of developing a project to improve the safety of the crossing by replacing the bridge with a new one.

For more information about this project please click on the links below:

Public Information Workshop Flyer (Meeting #1 - 10/25/17)
Project Informational Flyer

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