Grand Theft Arrest

Case# 21-001638


On 03/18/2021 at approximately 0150 hours Chico Police Officers were dispatched to 450 Orange St. for a reported theft. Two passengers on the Amtrak Train reported that their luggage had been stolen during a short layover at the station. The passengers reported the theft to security officers on location who in turn reported the theft to Chico Police. Additionally, security officers recognized the suspect who exited the train with the stolen luggage as Patrick Kincaid, a frequent flyer for Chico Police. Officers located Kincaid outside the AM/PM store at 110 W. 9th St, going through the stolen luggage. Kincaid was immediately detained.

Kincaid had recently lived in Chico but had to return to Santa Rosa, CA to serve out his remaining time on state parole. Kincaid had been given a five-day pass from parole to travel to Chico and retrieve property he had left behind. Kincaid arrived in Chico on the same train as the victims and when disembarking took advantage of the sleeping passengers. The property in the bags included electronics, digital cameras, drones and cash just to name a few things. The estimated total value of the stolen property was approximately $10,000.00. Kincaid was arrested for grand theft and possession of stolen property. He was booked into Butte County Jail.

Booking photo of male in brown shirt

Location: 450 Orange St., Amtrak Station
Date/Time: 03/18/2021/0150 hours
Suspect: Patrick Kincaid, 06/28/1988

Supervisor: Sgt. Mark Bass
Watch Commander: Lt. Terry Tupper


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