Felony Arrest

Case# 22-004002


On 6/29/2022 a Chico Police officer received information that Drake Afflerbach was hiding in a homeless camp along the R/R tracks in the 800 block of Nord Ave. Afflerbach was wanted by BCSO for shooting into a vehicle in the Cohasset area on 6/18/2022 and for evading BCSO deputies in a vehicle on 6/20/2022 when they attempted to arrest Afflerbach for the shooting. In addition, Afflerbach was wanted on a CDC parole warrant.

With the fresh information, at approximately 1930 hours, Chico P.D. deployed aerial drones to confirm Afflerbach was in the camp. Officers were able to obtain visual confirmation through the drone that Afflerbach was present in the camp. Officers set a perimeter before attempting to make contact and arresting Afflerbach. As officers moved into place, Afflerbach walked out of the camp and into a nearby apartment complex parking lot where marked Chico P.D. units were parked. Afflerbach seeing the marked patrol units ran to avoid arrest. Afflerbach could not escape the
perimeter or the drone. Afflerbach was taken into custody after a Chico Police K9 found him hiding near an apartment in the adjacent complex.

There was no use of force and no injuries to officers or to Afflerbach.

Location: 800 block of Nord Ave

Date/Time: 06/29/2022 @ 2025 hours

Suspect: Drake Afflerbach DOB: 01/03/1995

Supervisor: Sgt. Mark Bass

Watch Commander: Lt. Ben Love

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