Felon with a Firearm

Case# 20-007010


The Chico Police Department has had numerous window-smash automobile burglaries reported in the last few weeks. Most often the suspect or suspects are long gone by the time the crime has been discovered. This creates a need for officers to have a different strategy to combat these issues. A “proactive” approach to police work is when officers develop an area of focus on their own. There doesn’t always have to be a call for service to bring officers to a location to investigate crime.
On December 23, 2020, at approximately 4:00 p.m., Chico Police Officers conducted a probation search of an apartment at 725 Nord Avenue. A resident of the apartment was on searchable probation for a burglary conviction. During a search of the apartment officers recovered a 9mm handgun, burglary tools, and items that had been reported stolen during an automobile burglary in the 800 block of Nord Avenue early this morning.
At the conclusion of the contact officers arrested Joseph Michael Ryan (22) for violations of 29800(a)(1) PC – Felon in Possession of a Firearm, 29180(g) PC – Possession of an Unregistered, Manufactured Handgun, 496(a) PC – Possession of Stolen Property, 466 PC – Possession of Burglary Tools, 1203.2(a) PC – Violation of Probation, and 12022.1 PC – Crime Committed while released on Bail in a Pending Felony Case.
Officers also arrested Michaela Deja Delacampa (18) for a violation of 496(a) PC – Possession of Stolen Property.
A bail increase was requested to hold Ryan in custody due to his likelihood to further victimize our community.

Location: 725 Nord Avenue, Chico
Victims: Withheld
Suspects: Joseph Michael Ryan and Michaela Deja Delacampa
Supervisor: Sergeant Justin Adrian
Watch Commander: Lt. Mike Williams


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