Case# 21-006814


In November 2021, employees of Little Red Hen Nursery contacted Chico Police Department and reported a possible embezzlement that took place over several months in 2021.  Little Red Hen Nursery is a non-profit organization that employs adults with developmental disabilities.  The business reported that they began noticing inconsistencies in their finances over a period of time.  They noticed that only one employee was continuously employed and had the necessary access for that same period of time. 


Chico Police Detectives began an investigation and identified the thief to be former employee Andrew Spang (34 years old). Spang was not identified to have any known developmental disabilities.  Detectives subsequently contacted and arrested Spang on 2/24/22 without incident.  Spang was arrested for Embezzlement (503 California Penal Code), and Grand Theft (487 California Penal Code).  He was transported to Butte County Jail and booked on the above offenses.

Location:  189 E. 8th St, Chico CA

Date/Time: 2/24/22    9:33 AM   

Incident Case Number: 21-006814

Victims: Little Red Hen Nursery

Suspect: Andrew Spang (34 yrs old)

Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer

Watch Commander: Lt. Miller

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