Case# 20-005947


On 10/30/20, at approximately 8:26 PM, Chico Police Dispatch received several calls regarding a vehicle collision near the intersection of Mangrove Ave/Palmetto Ave. It was reported one of the vehicles was flipped over and began smoking. Several Chico Police officers responded to the location. As officers responded, two individuals were seen fleeing from one of the vehicles involved in the collision. The occupant of a second involved vehicle stayed at the collision site. As officers searched the area, two individuals were contacted who matched the description who had fled the scene.
After the investigation, officers learned both vehicles were traveling south bound on Mangrove Ave when one of the vehicles collided into the other vehicle. Due to the collision, all the occupants of vehicles sustained minor injuries. From the investigation, Ben LEWALLEN, age 41, was ultimately arrested for DUI causing injury and the passenger, identified as Lily ESCOBAR, age 22, was also arrested for Public Intoxication.
Location: near Mangrove Ave/Palmetto Ave intersection
Victim: Withheld
Suspect: Ben LEWALLEN, age 41
Lily ESCOBAR, age 22
Supervisor: Sgt. M. Escobedo S7
Watch Commander: Lt. M. Rodden L6

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