Drug Sales and Illegal Weapon Arrest

Case#: 20-001872


Chico, CA – On 3/20/20, at 9:43 p.m., Chico Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Cameo Drive and Coral Circle in north Chico regarding a male and a female in a domestic dispute. Officers arrived and located the couple, determined to be Aaron Chatham and a female girlfriend. Chatham was observed to be in possession of OC spray (pepper spray) and an illegal knife and was detained. He was found to be a prior felon which prohibits his possession of pepper spray. A search also revealed Chatham possessed brass knuckles, more than four ounces of Methamphetamine and a significant amount of cash.

Aaron Chatham was arrested on suspicion of possession of Methamphetamine for sales, possession of illegal weapons (brass knuckes, OC spray and a switchblade knife) and possession of burglary tools. The domestic dispute was determined to have been verbal only. The female was released from the scene. Chatham was booked at the Butte County Jail in Oroville for the described offenses and is being held on $51,000 bond.

Location: ​​​Cameo Drive, north Chico

Date/Time: ​​​3/20/20 2143 hours

Victim: ​​​State of California​

Suspect:​​​Aaron Chatham; 32 years old from Chico (see attached photograph)

Supervisor:​​​T. Tupper S11

Watch Commander:​​ M. Williams C9

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