Driver Arrested; 4th time in three months for DUI

Case # 22-007273


On 11/23/2022, around 8 p.m., the Chico Police Department was notified by employees of Sierra Nevada Restaurant that an intoxicated patron was inside being disruptive. The patron then left the restaurant driving a vehicle registered to Gail Hemmingsen.

Hemmingsen, known to officers for multiple alcohol-related calls over the past 90 days, was said to be heading east on E. 20th St. An officer with the police department observed the vehicle and the driver known to him as Hemmingsen on E. 20th St. A traffic stop was conducted on Forest Ave just north of E. 20th St. Hemmingsen yielded to the shoulder of Forest Ave and stopped. When the officer attempted to contact Hemmingsen at the driver’s side window, Hemmingsen drove away, heading northbound on Forest Ave.

The officer returned to his vehicle and pursued Hemmingsen a short distance. Ahead at Forest Ave and Springfield Dr, another officer deployed a spike strip on Hemmingsen’s vehicle, flattening two tires. The vehicle stopped at Humboldt Ave and Forest Ave. Hemmingsen was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to yield, and resisting arrest.

Since September 11, 2022, Hemmingsen has been arrested four times for DUI. She has also been arrested one time for public intoxication.

Location: Forest Ave and E. 20th St.

Suspect: Gail Hemmingsen (63 y/o)

Supervisor: Mark Bass, Sergeant

Lieutenant: Mike Rodden, Lieutenant

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