Downtown Parking


In collaboration with the Downtown Chico Business Association, the City of Chico is hosting a website dedicated to downtown parking information. 

GoDowntownChico – Smart Parking Better Access

Please click here for a map of 10 hour metered parking spaces in downtown Chico - 10 Hour Parking

Lot 1 169 Spaces Flume St. & 2nd St.
Lot 2 33 spaces 1st St. & Salem St.
Lot 3 266 spaces 4th St. & Salem St.
Lot 4 54 spaces 5th St. & Salem St.
Lot 5 182 spaces 1st St. & Wall St.
Lot 6 Removed Boys & Girls Club
Lot 7 86 spaces 2nd St. & Salem St


California Vehicle Code – Rules of the Road, “Chapter 9. Stopping, Standing, or Parking”
Parking Violation Inquiries
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