Domestic Violence Incident

Case# 20-003537


On 7/2/20, Officers were dispatched to a report of a domestic violence incident in the area of area of Tilden Lane and California Park Drive. Officers contacted the victim and determined she received visible injuries to her face and arms as a result of the assault. Officers contacted the suspect, David Michael Everett, and ultimately arrested him for domestic violence causing visible injury. Additionally, an Emergency Protective Order was obtained with Everett as the restrained party. During the course of the investigation it was learned Everett possessed multiple firearms which he failed to relinquish.

California law authorizes the issuance of a search warrant when the property to be seized is a firearm that a person who is subject to a protective order has failed to relinquish as required by law.

Chico Police Department Officers, supplemented by members of the Department’s C-Team, served a search warrant at Everett’s residence. Eleven firearms were located, at least one of which was a prohibited assault rifle.

Everett was subsequently charged with possession of an illegal assault rifle in addition to the domestic violence charges.

Location: Tilden Lane, Chico
Date/Time: 7/2/20 PM
Incident Case Number: 20-003537
Victims: Name Withheld
Suspect: David Michael Everett (32 years)

Supervisor: Sgt. Schmid
Watch Commander: Commander Williams

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