Dog Attack

Case # 23-004598


On July 14th, 2023, just before 8 a.m., the Chico Police Department received a call of a woman being attacked by a pack of dogs near the intersection of Cohasset Road and Eaton Road in north Chico. As officers were responding, they received more calls describing the same and saying more than one person was attacked. Upon arrival, CPD Officers met with two victims of the attack. They learned that a pack of 7 or 8 pit bull, or pit bull cross, dogs had attacked a male bicyclist on the bike path just north of the Homeless camp near that location. The victim was riding his bicycle northbound on the bike path when the pack of dogs turned their attention to him and began attacking him. A woman driving by stopped her vehicle, got out, and attempted to assist the man. She was subsequently also attacked by several of the dogs. They were able to break free, and the dogs ran away into the transient camp.

Officers learned that all of the dogs belonged to one specific person inside the camp. They entered the camp and located the dogs running in a group inside the camp property. When they arrived, the dogs became aggressive with the officers as they approached, biting at least one of the officer’s pant leg. With the assistance of City of Chico Animal control officers, Chico Police Officers were able to catch and detain eight dogs involved in the attack. During this time, no dogs nor officers were hurt. The initial male victim suffered significant injury to his hand and leg. The female Good Samaritan sustained a minor bite injury to her leg.

All of the dogs will be kept under quarantine at the Chico Animal Shelter as the investigation into their vaccination status is conducted. The owner of the dogs has been identified but was not present at the time of the incident.

Location: Bike Path along Cohasset Road, north of Eaton Road

Victim: Withheld

Suspect: 8 pit bull dogs and one human owner

Supervisor: Sgt. D. Bailey S11

Commander: Lt. T. Tupper L7

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