Disturbing Vandalism on Hawthorne Ave., Chico



On Tuesday September 21st the Chico Police Department received a call of a vandalism that occurred in the 1300 block of Hawthorne Ave.   Officers responded to a private school and found graffiti on the campus.  This incident was of special concern as the graffiti appeared to be swastikas.  Compounding our concern was the fact that the school is adjacent to a Church.   

Over the last two days, Chico Police Department Officers investigated the incident, developed investigative leads, and followed up on those leads.  In the late morning of Wednesday September 22nd Chico Police Officers arrested a 13-year-old juvenile in connection with this case.  The juvenile was identified as the sole subject responsible for the incident. 

We understand that incidents such as this are disturbing and may cause distress to members of our Community.  This Department is committed to promptly and diligently investigating these incidents, apprehending those responsible, and when appropriate requesting hate crimes charges.


Location: 1300 block of Hawthorne Ave.


Victim:  Withheld


Suspect:  Juvenile


Supervisor:  Sgt. Bauer


Commander: Lt. Omar Peña

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