Desperate Suspect Attempts to Remove Officer’s Firearm from Holster

Case#: 20-000076


Chico, CA-

On 1/4/20 at approximately 8:41 PM, a Chico Police Officer observed a bicyclist traveling in the area of E. 9th Avenue and Oleander Avenue.  When the Chico Police Officer attempted to initiate an enforcement stop on the bicyclist, the bicyclist fled.  After a short pursuit, the bicyclist abandoned his bicycle and fled on foot.  The persistent Chico Police Officer was able to overrun the evasive pedestrian.  After numerous demands to comply, the subject challenged the Officer to fight and refused to follow lawful orders. 

The suspect, later identified as Juan Francisco Orr (31 Years old), punched the Officer two times on the head.  Orr was taken to the ground.  While the Officer attempted to detain him in handcuffs, Orr attempted to remove the Officer’s handgun from its holster.  An additional Officer arrived on scene and was able to free Orr’s grasp of the Officer’s handgun and place him into handcuffs.  Orr attempted to swallow a large plastic bag full of methamphetamine as he was being detained.  Due to Orr’s agitated state, and violence toward Officers, he was placed in The WRAP, a Safety Restraint System.  During a medical clearance for incarceration, at a local Hospital, Orr attempted to escape. Orr again refused to comply with Officers demands.  The Officer and several security guards ultimately gained control of Orr, but the Officer was forced to strike Orr several times with his baton.  Orr was arrested for the following offenses:

  • 69 PC: Resisting an Executive Officer through Violence
  • 243(b) PC: Battery on a Police Officer
  • 148(d) PC: Attempt to remove a Firearm from a Peace Officer
  • 148(a) PC: Resisting Arrest
  • 836.6 PC: Attempt to Escape from Police Custody
  • 11378 HS: Possession for Sale of a controlled substance
  • 11379(a) HS: Transportation of a Controlled Substance 

Orr is on Probation in Butte County for Resisting/Delaying or Obstructing a Police Officer, stemming from a 2017 Chico Police Department Case.  In that 2017 case, Orr refused to comply with Officers, threatened physical harm if they attempted to detain him, and brandished a 6” set of shears at the responding Officers.  A K9 Officer responded to the scene, which led to Orr being taken into custody without further incident.  Orr is a violent subject with documented assaults on members of the public, as well.  These incidents that occurred tonight highlight the demands and dangers of law enforcement.  Fortunately, none of the Officers involved in these incidents received serious injuries requiring medical care.  This could have been far worse.  According to “2018 Law Enforcement    Officers Killed and Assaulted,” a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 51 Officers were killed in the United States by gunfire.  Of those 51 Officers, 4 Officers were killed with their own firearms.

Location:  265 Cohasset Rd, Chico

Date/Time: 1/4/20 8:41 PM      

Incident Case Number: 20-000076

Victims:  State of California

Suspect: Juan Francisco Orr (31 Years)

Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer

Watch Commander: Commander Williams

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