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Design Bulletins are intended to supplement the design standards of the City of Chico as found in Section 18R of the Chico Municipal Code. They also provide guidance for the implementation of State and Federal rules, guidelines, and standards.

Contact Information

Matt Johnson, P.E.
Senior Development Engineer Phone:
(530) 879-6910

Chris Duffey
Associate Engineer
Phone: (530) 879-6913

The Design Bulletins have been subdivided into the following categories:


These Bulletins cover topics that are general in nature, and include organization of the Bulletins.

1.1 File List – This is a current list of all Design Bulletins

Tentative Maps

There are currently no Bulletins under this section.

Improvement Plans

The following Bulletins are applicable for the improvement plan process.

3.1.1 Improvement Plan Review Guidelines
3.1.2 Construction Notes
3.2.1 Canyon Oaks Grading
3.3.1 Sanitary Sewer Lift Station
3.3.2 Lateral Connection
3.4.1 Q & Q Mitigation
3.4.2 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
3.4.3 Design Storm for First Flush
3.4.4 Storm Water Treatment Vaults
3.4.5 Modified Concrete Cradles for Plastic Pipes
3.5.1 Street Name Signs - Specifications
3.5.2 Joint Trench
3.5.3 Truncated Domes
3.6.1 Street Light Standards
3.6.1 Attachment A

Final Maps

There are currently no Bulletins under this section.

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