Death in a Public Right of Way

Case# 21-000035


On 01/02/21, at 1:20 pm, a park goer reported seeing an unresponsive man in a camp near the east end of Sycamore Pool in Bidwell Park. Chico Police and Chico Fire emergency services were summoned to the scene. After assessing the man, the 58 year old male was pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no obvious signs of criminality located.
This press release is in response to a request to notify media outlets of a death located in the public right of way.
Chico, CA –

Location: Sycamore Pool, Lower Bidwell Park
Victim: Withheld
Suspect: N/A
Case #: 21-000035
Supervisor: Sgt. D. Gregory S8
Watch Commander: Lt. T. Tupper L7

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