Death in a Public Right of Way

Case# 20-005687


On 10/17/20 at 0206 hrs., a citizen called the Chico Police Department to report an unresponsive male in front of a business at 809 Oroville Ave. Officers arrived on scene a short time later and located the subject laying in the business parking lot. The subject was not breathing, and CPR was initiated. Medical personnel responded to the scene to provide additional care. After assessing the subject, the 36 year old male was pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no signs obvious signs of criminality located at the scene. This press release is in response to a request to notify media outlets of a death located in the public right of way.



Chico, CA – 



Location: 809 Oroville Ave.


Victim:  Withheld


Suspect: N/A


Supervisor:  OIC David Bailey


Commander: Cmdr. Mike Rodden


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