Death in a Public Right of Way

Case# 20-003567


On 07/04/2020 at 7:35am, a resident was passing in the area of 2471 Cohasset Road. The resident noticed a subject seated against the wall inside a dumpster enclosure at the above location. The subject was slumped over and he appeared to be unresponsive. The reporting resident also noted the subject appeared to not be breathing. Emergency services were summoned to the scene and arrived within 2 minutes. Fire and EMS personnel performed life saving measures on the unresponsive subject for several minutes while at the scene. However, the 42 year old male was ultimately pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no obvious signs of criminality located at the scene. This press release is in response to a request to notify media outlets of a death located in the public right of way.
Chico, CA –
Location: 2471 Cohasset Road
Victim: Withheld
Suspect: N/A
Supervisor: Sgt. Jeff Durkin Commander: Cmdr. Mike Rodden

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