Current Releases


Bidwell Park Golf Course Bridge Temporary Closure 9-21-23

Get it in Chico Shop Local Campaign 9-18-23

Chico Canyon Road Annexation Special Election 08-31-23

Opportunity To Serve-Climate Action Commission 08-29-23

American Public Works Association Award, 8.11.2023

Travel Chico Brand Launch - 08-02-23

2023 Pavement Improvement Project - 07-28-23

Depot Park Enforcement Status - 07-28-23

Sewer Billing Transition Complete - 07-28-23

Goats Back in Bidwell Park 07-26-2023

Sewer Billing Changes 07-07-2023

Parking Transaction Fee Eliminated 07-07-2023

Safe Space Cooling Centers for City of Chico 06-28-2023

Fireworks Illegal in the City of Chico 06-27-2023

Cohasset Road Widening Project Ceremony 06-27-2023

Upper Park Prescribed Burn 06-19-23

Sewer Billing Changes 06-16-2023

Downtown Kiosk Concierge Program 06-15-2023

Upward Bound Workday 06-14-2023

2023 Road Rehabilitation Project 06-08-2023

Downtown Parking Incentive Programs 06-02-2023

Chico Police Staffing and Recruiting Solutions 06-01-2023

Affordable Housing Projects 06-01-2023

2023/2024 Arts & Culture Grant Application 05-22-23

Bruce Road Widening Project Delayed 05-19-2023

Sycamore Pool Closure 05-15-2023

Humboldt Road Closure 05-11-2023

Pallet Shelter One-Year Anniversary 05-04-23

Utility Users Tax Refund Program 04-26-2023

National Arbor Day 04-25-2023

City Obtains Sanctions for Meritless Litigation 03-29-23

Spring Clean Day Event 03-28-23

Bidwell Golf Course Bridge Closure 03-21-2023

Building Department CALBO Award 03-17-2023

Press Conference Building Division Announcement 03-15-2023

Storm Information 03-09-2023

10-Mile House Road Temporary Closure 03-03-2023

City Provides Information on Measure H 02-27-23

Pallet Shelter One-Year Anniversary 05-04-23

City Continues to Address Encampment Issues 02-23-2023

Parking Meter Upgrades 02-22-2023

Eaton Road and Cohasset Road Alternate Site 02-14-2023

Biennial Recruitment Extension 02-09-2023

Teichert Ponds 1-26-23

Downtown Parking Meter Enforcement on Hold 01-19-2023

Downtown Chico Parking Meter System 01-17-23

Urban Forest Master Plan Summit 01-06-23

City of Chico Prepared for Potential Storm-Related Issues 01-03-2023

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