Cruelty to Animal Arrest

Case # 23-007578


On Monday, November 6, 2023, Chico Police Officers were dispatched to a local veterinary clinic regarding a severely undernourished dog.  The dog’s health was so poor it required euthanizing.  The veterinary clinic determined there were no underlying health issues with the dog other than the owner had not adequately cared for the animal.

The owner and sole caretaker of the dog, Luna Strailligen (23 years) was arrested and transported to Butte County Jail for an alleged violation of Penal Code Section 597(b); Cruelty to Animals, based on the gross neglect of the dog.  

CPD Detectives authored a search warrant into Strailligen’s residence.  The residence was found to be an unsanitary living condition for pets.  Officers located and seized several animals from inside the residence.  The animals were transported to a local shelter, where they are now receiving proper care.

Location: 100 block of W 15th St, Chico

Suspect: Luna Eclipse Strailligen (23 years)

Victim: State of California

Supervisor: Sgt. Williams

Lieutenant: Lt. Love

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