COVID-19 Chico Police Department Response


03-16-2020: The Chico Police Department is operating as normal, with the exception of our front counter and lobby areas. We have not substantially changed our response model, as Officers are still deployed in the community and are responding to calls for service within the City of Chico. We have equipped our officers with personal protective equipment and are in the process of providing additional equipment. We are currently preparing staffing contingency plans and we will be activating our internal Command System. We are limiting access to critical units within our department and have also limited or eliminated some non-essential meetings and travel by our staff. Each unit within the organization is being evaluated and contingencies developed in the case of a widespread outbreak.

“Regarding interactions with the public, obviously we do not have the option of simply shutting down. Within that reality we are and will continue to evaluate where we can limit that contact, or mitigate as much of the risk as possible, when contact must be made”, said Deputy Chief Matt Madden.

We would like the public to know that when calls are received by our Police and Fire Public Safety Dispatch Center, Dispatchers will be inquiring if there are any flu-like symptoms or if the person is under quarantine, so that all First Responders may be prepared when arriving to the call.

Today, we are cancelling all Live Scan fingerprint appointments until further notice. Our front counter and lobby will be closed to the general public, but appointments will be taken by telephone. Please call (530) 897-4900 for non-emergency calls. We are asking the public to utilize the police department’s online reporting system, accessible through our website, to report property crimes that are not in-progress.

Chief Michael O’Brien concludes by saying, “This dynamic situation demands we stay nimble and responsive to our changing environment. The bottom line is the Chico Police Department stands ready, like all City Departments, to protect and serve our community. I am confident that both the City and community will successfully navigate one more challenge.”

Chico, CA –

Location: Chico Police Department

Deputy Chief Madden

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