COVID-19 Chico Animal Services Response


(Chico, CA – March 17, 2020) Chico Animal Services will continue to provide essential services to the community at this time. Animal Control will continue to pick up stray dogs, sick or injured cats, animals in immediate danger, or animals posing a risk to public safety.

The Animal Shelter will continue to operate as usual in order to provide appropriate care for all animals currently in the facility, to accept stray animals, and to release animals to their owners. To minimize the exposure risk to shelter staff and other members of the public, the facility will be making some operational changes until further notice. Most services will be provided on an appointment-only basis.

• Lost pets – if you are looking for a lost pet, all stray animals are posted to the shelter’s website. Please check the website then call the shelter to make an appointment to pick up your pet.
• Stray animals – please contact Animal Control for pick up. If you need to bring a stray animal to the shelter, please call and make an appointment, if possible.
• Surrendering a dog – is always done on a space-available, appointment-only basis. Please call the shelter to get on the waiting list and visit our website for alternatives to surrender. Please call Butte Humane Society if you need to surrender a cat.
• Adoptions – all adoptable animals are posted to the shelter’s website. Please visit our website and call the shelter to speak to staff about the animal you are interested in, and to set up an appointment. The Chico Animal Shelter is not taking walk-in adoptions, and the adoptable areas are closed to the general public at this time.
• Fosters – please visit our website to sign up as a foster. Kitten season is coming, and we will need kitten fosters in the very near future.
• Volunteers – please visit our website to sign up to become a volunteer. The initial application and orientation process can be done online. Once that is completed, you will be contacted for an on-site orientation (time to be determined).
• Dog licensing – can be done online for your convenience. See our website for links. If you must obtain a dog license in person, or need to show proof or Rabies vaccination, please call for an appointment.

Please be advised that if you come to the shelter without an appointment, you may have to wait outside if there are other people currently in the lobby. Avoid unnecessary waiting and visit our website at where you can get many of your questions answered.

The City of Chico Animal Services staff would like to thank the public for their understanding and cooperation in helping us do our part to keep our community safe and healthy. Animal Control: 530-897-4960, Daily, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (please leave message – machine monitored throughout the day) Animal Shelter: 530-894-5630, Monday – Saturday, Noon – 6:00 PM

For more information, please contact Tracy Mohr, Animal Services Manager, at (530) 894-5630 or Lynda Gizzi, Public Information Officer, at (530) 896-7204.

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