Commercial Cannabis Applications

To apply for a Commercial Cannabis permit, please see the following:


Closure of Initial Applications was on July 16, 2021 at 4:00 p.m

Pursuant to City Council direction the cannabis application process was reopened and ran for a 45-day period from June 2 through July 16, 2021. Commercial retail applications will no longer be accepted.

All applicants were required to do the following:

1) Review the information regarding the application process and which documents that were needed.

2) Review the application in its entirety to ensure that it was complete and accurate.

3) Review the information regarding the Cannabis Business Permit application on the City webpage listed on page one of the application.

Applicants were required to submit their application, the application fee, and the zoning verification fee together to the Community Development Department on a USB drive with the completed application package as well as a hardcopy of the required documents (single-sided preferred).  The provisional background, and background fee payment, were done online through an online portal as provided in the Application Procedures & Guidelines for each permit type.

After submission and payment of fees, zoning verification will occur first, and if the result disqualifies the location, the City will return the application as disqualified and refund the application fee minus the zoning verification and refund processing fees.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to review any material provided on this site for what areas are allowable and to conduct due diligence to identify any sensitive use that may exist prior to submitting an application. City staff will add the Zoning Verification Letter to the application.

The related Commercial Cannabis Fees are as follows (per City Council action on 12/8/2020, fees are pending review):

  • Cannabis – Storefront Retail Application Fee: $10,803 per application
  • Cannabis – All Other Business Types Application Fee: $8,756 per application
  • Cannabis Zoning Verification Letter Fee: $156 per location
  • Cannabis Provisional Background Fee (Initial): $300 per individual
  • LiveScan Fee (for successful applications): $73 per individual
  • Cannabis Application Appeal Fee: $4,328 per appeal

To apply for a Commercial Cannabis Permit, complete and submit the required documents and information provided in the Application Procedures & Guidelines for a Cannabis Business Permit.

  • Retail Store Front only  or 
  • All Other Types (Distribution, Manufacturing, Non-Storefront Retail, and Testing Labs). Per Council direction on June 1, 2021, only Retail Store Front applications were accepted beginning June 2 and closing on July 16, 2021. 

Changes to Application Documents: Due to the complexity and newness of the Commercial Cannabis Program, the City reserves the right to make changes to these documents to clarify, correct, or expand upon information that has been brought to the attention of the City. As such, the City will provide information to highlight any changes made which may or may not impact applicants’ submissions. In the case a change is made which impacts an already submitted application, the City will allow the applicant to revise the submitted application to address the specific change made. 

Commercial Cannabis Retail Dispensary Application Update- September 1, 2021

The City of Chico has completed initial review and zoning verification of applications received for Commercial Retail Dispensaries. The following applicants successfully completed Phase 1 and will move to Phase 2A:

Blaze 1 Chico LLC

1414 Park Ave

CCB Enterprises

Zanella Way/Benetar Way

Chico 580 LLC

580 East 10th Ave

Chico Cannabis Collective

175 E 20th St, Ste 200

Chico Community Project LLC

2560 Norte Dame Blvd

Chico Erudite Ventures

1725 Esplanade

Chico Flagship LLC

1408 Park Ave

Chico’s Best LLC

1441 Park Ave

Community Veterans of Chico LLC

813 Nord Ave

High Lakes

1141 Forest Ave. Ste 40

HPC of Chico LLC

2300 Esplanade


737 Nord Ave

Monarch Assets Inc

2424 Park Ave

Nebrina Chico LLC

1625 Mangrove Ave

NSD Zanella Inc

2500 Zanella Way

Perfect Union Chico LLC

587 Country Dr

Responsible & Compliant Retail Chico 

185 Cohasset Rd

Sheco LLC

2336 Park Ave

Sweet Flower Chico LLC

1998 Alcott Ave


424 Nord Ave


00 Norte Dame Blvd, Pad B

Urban Gardens Therapy Chico

641 Nord Ave

Village Green LLC

1031 Nord Ave

Commercial Cannabis Retail Dispensary Application Update- November 12, 2021

Phase 2A application scoring and ranking has been completed.  Please see attached for a list of applicants who will move to Phase 2B, which consists of further evaluation, interview and scoring. Phase 2A Scores

Cannabis Appeals

Information regarding appeals of a cannabis permit can be found by reviewing section 5.42.160 and 5.42.170 of the Chico Municipal Code (CMC). 

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