Commercial Cannabis Applications

To apply for a Commercial Cannabis permit, please see the following.


On 12/8/2020, the City Council took action to reconsider the Commercial Cannabis program fees.  As such, there is the possibility of changes in fees and could result in a change in the program.  We are therefore pausing the application process to ensure applicants do not incur expenses should any proposed change negatively impact applicants.  We will re-adjust the 45 day period after more clarity is provided by the City Council, and we will continue to post the application process to allow potential applicants to continue working towards a submittal, should they choose to continue.

Release of Applications (Initial Applications): Program is currently paused pending review. On March 2, 2021, the City Council directed the City Attorney’s office to review options for moving forward with a mechanism to support the local economy by exploring revenue generating models. On May 4, 2021, the City Council directed the City Attorney’s office to review current ordinances/resolutions to accommodate Council requests. 

Closure of Initial Applications will be: TBD. 

After TBD, the City will allow applications for all business types except for Storefront Retail, but processing of applications submitted prior to TBD will take priority.

Once the application process resumes, applicants will submit their application, the application fee, and the zoning verification fee together to the Community Development Department.  Ensure you have both a USB drive with the complete application package as well as a hardcopy of the entire application package (single sided preferred).  The provisional background, and background fee payment, will be done online through an online portal as provided in the Application Procedures & Guidelines for each permit type.

After submission and payment of fees, zoning verification will occur first, and if the result disqualifies the location, the City will return the application as disqualified and refund the application fee minus the zoning verification and refund processing fees.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to review any material provided on this site for what areas are allowable and to conduct due diligence to identify any sensitive use that may exist prior to submitting an application. City staff will add the Zoning Verification Letter to your application.

The related Commercial Cannabis Fees are as follows (per City Council action on 12/8/2020, fees are pending review):

  • Cannabis – Storefront Retail Application Fee: $10,803 per application
  • Cannabis – All Other Business Types Application Fee: $8,756 per application
  • Cannabis Zoning Verification Letter Fee: $156 per location
  • Cannabis Provisional Background Fee (Initial): $300 per individual
  • LiveScan Fee (for successful applications): $73 per individual
  • Cannabis Application Appeal Fee: $4,328 per appeal

To apply for a Commercial Cannabis Permit, complete and submit the required documents and information provided in the Application Procedures & Guidelines for a Cannabis Business Permit.

  • Retail Store Front only  or 
  • All Other Types (Distribution, Manufacturing, Non-Storefront Retail, and Testing Labs).

Changes to Application Documents: Due to the complexity and newness of the Commercial Cannabis Program, the City reserves the right to make changes to these documents to clarify, correct, or expand upon information that has been brought to the attention of the City. As such, the City will provide information to highlight any changes made which may or may not impact applicants’ submissions.  In the case a change is made which impacts an already submitted application, the City will allow the applicant to revise the submitted application to address the specific change made.

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