Child Pornography Suspect Arrested


On 7/13/23, Chico Police Detectives and the Violence Suppression Unit served a Search Warrant in the 1100 block of N. Cedar Street. Detectives believed that a resident was in possession of child pornography, and they searched for evidence related to this investigation at this location.

Detectives received information several months prior that the resident at this location may have actively contacted minors online requesting to send him sexually explicit photos of themselves. After Detectives obtained several search warrants of the suspect’s social media accounts, they corroborated the information they had received.

On 7/13/23, Detectives obtained more evidence from the residence and subsequently contacted and arrested Noah Baker (33 years old). Baker was transported to Chico Police Department for booking and later transported to Butte County Jail. Baker was arrested for a violation of 288.3(a) PC (Contact with Minor for Sexual Offense), 311.11(a) PC (Possession of Child Pornography), and 311.1(a) Sale/Distribution of Obscene Matter Depicting Minor.

Location: 1100 Block N. Cedar St, Chico, Ca

Date/Time: 7/13/2023

Victim: State of California

Suspect: Noah Baker (33 years old)

Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer

Watch Commander: Lt. Brian Miller

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