Chico Police Utilize Grant Money for DUI Enforcement


In 2021, The Chico Police Department was awarded a cannabis tax grant by the California Highway Patrol. The grant provides funding for the purpose of a new DUI checkpoint trailer along with all the associated equipment to properly support the operation. It will also provide the funding for the associated overtime to complete checkpoint operations, DUI saturation patrols, training, education to the community and schools, and covers the overhead costs for managing the grant. The grant period started July 1st, 2021 and ends June 30th, 2022.

To date, Officers have completed 17 DUI saturation patrols and have arrested 24 subjects for alcohol and/or drug DUI. Several more DUI saturation patrols will occur in the near future, along with a few DUI checkpoints. Several presentations have been conducted in helping educate students and community members of the dangers associated with driving while impaired. The Traffic Division is handling the operations of the DUI grant and will provide further press releases in the coming weeks. Questions can be directed to the Traffic Division at (530) 897-4970.

Supervisor: Sgt. Todd Lefkowitz

Watch Commander: Lt. Ben Love

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