Chico Police Enhances Police Portal


 In September 2019, the Chico Police Department created the Chico Police Portal to provide accurate and timely access to crime and other public safety related information occurring in our neighborhoods, parks, business districts, essentially anywhere in the City of Chico.  As the police department continues to be engaged and transparent as to what is occurring in our community, this technology allows for real time information to educate and inform our citizens.

Currently, the Portal allows for access to arrest logs, crime mapping, calls for service, press releases, bike registration, Code Red Notifications, and online crime reporting.  We are excited to announce an addition to our site.  We now can map and report hazards in the community, such as traffic collisions, downed power lines and other right of way hazards. This information is updated every minute to provide as close as real-time information as possible.   In addition to our own portal, Traffic Hazard data is shared with Google and visible on their Waze Navigation mobile app.

On Sunday, October 25, 2021, the intense weather event flooded our Communications Center with 911 calls.  We received 291 911 emergency calls and a total of 892 calls into our center.  We are hoping that citizens will become familiar with the portal to access information, especially during critical events.

We invite the community to visit our Chico Police Portal at  We also encourage our community to continue to report crimes and right of way concerns.  We would like to remind people that inquiries regarding power outages should be referred to Pacific Gas and Electric.

See attached chart for Sunday’s calls for service and screen shot of Hazards Map.  Any further media inquiry should be made to PIO Michelle Walker at (530) 897-5812 or at

Chief Matt Madden






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