Chico PD Bicycle Reclaimer Strikes Again

Case# 21-005564


On 9/16/21, Chico Police Dispatch received a report of a stolen bicycle. The reporting party stated that it had occurred within seconds and provided a very detailed description of the suspect. Super Bike Cop Officer Bob Kurtz responded to the call. Fortunately for the citizens of Chico, Officer Kurtz has a keen interest in repossessing stolen bicycles. Just 2 week ago, Officer Kurtz repossessed several stolen bicycles when he authored a search warrant for a Chico Area Bicycle Chop Shop.

Officer Kurtz searched the area and located the bicycle in the Comanche Creek area of South Chico. Officer Kurtz detained the subject riding the bicycle without incident. The subject was identified as Devin Guill (33 yrs old). Due to the value of the bicycle, Guill was arrested for a violation of 487 of the California Penal Code: Grand Theft. The bicycle was returned to a very grateful owner, in exactly the state that it was stolen in.

Location: 931 W. 5th Street, Chico CA
Date/Time: 9/16/21 1:06 PM
Incident Case Number: 21-005564
Victims: Name Withheld
Suspect: Devin Guill (33 yrs)
Supervisor: Sgt. Nick Bauer
Watch Commander: Lt. Rodden

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