Catalytic Converter Thieves Arrested

Case #21-007545


On December 15, 2021, at approximately 2:56 a.m., a citizen called in a possible catalytic converter theft on Wyndham Court. The citizen heard a cutting sound, looked outside their home and saw their neighbor’s Honda Accord come down off a jack. Two suspects fled the area in a dark colored truck.

Officers responded to the area and were initially unable to find the suspects. However, the citizen called in again and reported the suspect vehicle had returned to Wyndham Court. Officers arrived within moments and saw the pickup without any lights on trying to flee the scene. Officers blocked the suspect’s escape with their vehicles. Officers detained San Saechao (age 31) and Ker Ly (age 39).

The pickup truck donned a license plate that was just stolen off another car in Chico. Saechao and Ly were determined to be from the Sacramento area. Officers searched the truck and found two freshly cut catalytic converters, along with a floor jack and several cutting instruments. Officers later determined the second catalytic converter was stolen off another Honda Accord in same the neighborhood. Officers secured private video surveillance footage that showed Saechao and Ly committing one of the thefts. The catalytic converters were returned to their owners. They were valued at about $1,700 each.

Saechao and Ly were both booked into the Butte County Jail for felony violations of sections 487(a) PC – Grand Theft, and 496(a) PC – Possession of Stolen Property.

Case Number: 21-007545

Location: Aspen Glen Neighborhood

Chico Victims: Withheld

Suspects: San Saechao (age 31) and Ker Ly (age 39)

Supervisor: Sergeant J. Adrian

Watch Commander: Lieutenant O. Peña

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