Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention


Nationwide and locally, catalytic converter thefts are rising. The lack of identifiable markings on catalytic converters makes it difficult to establish victims and successfully arrest/charge criminals.

To help prevent these crimes, the Chico Police Department recommends vehicle owners etch an owner-applied number (OAN) or the most preferred, vehicle identification number (VIN), onto their catalytic converters. Engraving an OAN or VIN into the catalytic converter allows officers to identify stolen catalytic converters and assists them in prosecuting criminals.  When a VIN is utilized, the owner of the property can usually be located as it will be registered through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

An OAN can be any series of numbers or letters, but avoid using personal information such as a social security number. Save this number and/or take photographs of the number engraved on personal property for reference.

The Chico Police Department is committed to ensuring our community is a safe place to live, work, and recreate within!  

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