Cactus Avenue Traffic Signal Project

Under Construction

traffic signal with green light

Project Description

The project includes the installation of traffic signal equipment with lighting, a controller cabinet, and associated pavement striping and markings at the intersection of Cactus Avenue and East Avenue.

Intersection pedestrian improvements include crosswalk striping and ADA-compliant curb ramps. Improvements are located entirely within the City of Chico right-of-way.


The associated road work will be in construction from August to October 2022. Due to procurement delays, the traffic signal will be installed in spring 2023.


This project was funded by the Transportation Fund, the Gas Tax Fund, and the Street Facility Improvement Fund.

Public Outreach

An Internal Affairs meeting was scheduled for April 6, 2020 but was canceled in response to COVID-19. Questions and comments were instead allowed to be collected by mail, email, and by phone.

Environmental Clearance

Notice of Exemption

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